Algarve retreat venue right by the sea...

…for you and your retreat guests!

Most beautiful yogaspaces with a view...

Remote nature & mild climate...

…in the middle of a beautiful coastal garden!

Hassle-free organisation: just bring your group...

…and we do all the rest for you!

Retreat venue hire: 4* Resort & Spa “Suites Alba”
in a remote surrounding of natural beauty right by the sea!

The beautiful coastal garden of the Algarve

For those seeking silence and inspiration surrounded by unspoilt nature, the Algarve is the perfect yoga retreat hideaway offering  an excellent retreat venue for hire. Especially during the placid winter months you can enjoy mild temperatures up to 20° C and a week full of sunshine instead of frost and snow. Here in the southernmost region of Portugal, the Atlantic Ocean right on your doorstep and surrounded by Mediterranean nature, scents and sounds, you´ll find the Algarve peaceful and calm as well as powerful and invigorating!

Already in November fresh green covers the hills and cliffs, followed by the first almond blossoms in December and thousands of wild flowers covering the soil like colored carpets. The majestic Algarvian coastline being very quiet, you can enjoy and explore the most beautiful seaside ranging from long sandy beaches with lagoons full of birdlife to the famous yellow and red sandstone cliffs with pristine beaches nestled between them.

Suites Alba Resort & Spa: luxury four star comfort
for a unique yoga retreat venue overlooking the ocean

Time for yoga…

Indulge your students and yourself for a whole week in the beauty and the exquisite comfort of this special place directly by the sea – beautiful nature, the luxurious surrounding and the option of a variegated wellness program make this Yoga retreat venue an unforgettable experience.

Suites Alba Resort and Spa is located in one of the most beautiful coastal regions of southern Europe, the Algarves mild southern coast, directly on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and pictoresque beaches. It offers spacious suites (85m2) with two private and cozy double bedrooms, a living room including a fire place, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom decorated with traditional style Portuguese tiles (Azulejos) and heated floor. A beautiful little beach being just a few steps away and three pools – one sea view infinity, another indoor – tempt to take a bath. The spa area of the resort spoils you with a wide variety of massages and treatments as well as Jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna and warm water beds, the perfect recipe for a relaxed afternoon.


Most beautifully located yogaspaces with a view –
both indoors and outdoors!

Indoor yoga space with sea view in the middle of the garden on top of the cliffs   

The remote resort has several nice spaces for practicing and teaching yoga. Depending on the group preferences and weather conditions you can choose from the outdoor space, the indoor yoga lounge or the garden, all of them with a spectacular view over the deep blue ocean extending to the horizon. For smaller groups another comfortable indoor space is available. And those teachers who want to combine the yogic practice with real nature experience will find lots of magical outdoor spots even right by the sea to have an unforgettable outdoor yoga time: take your group for a sunset meditation on top of the cliffs or start your day with a yoga session in a lonely sandy cove!

Easy to organize: you bring and teach your group,
we advice you and organize your tailormade retreat

More than 10 years of experience in organizing yoga retreats in the Algarve

Under the name YOGAnature we (Stefanie Drebing and Oliver Kulter) are organizing and teaching yoga retreats and holidays in the Algarve for more than ten years already, well known especially in Germany, Switzerland and Austria for special and sustainable yoga holiday experiences. As a result we have comprehensive knowledge about the whole region, the locals and their habits as well as all aspects of nature and culture, which is a clue element for successful business in southern Europe. Former horse-osteopath Stefanie Drebing is a biology graduate and holds lectures at a German college of osteopathy. Oliver Kulter graduated in business economics, supporting different international businesses in communication and public relations, before we completely changed our life.

With YOGAnature we fulfilled our dream of a more meaningful and sustainable life meanwhile offering more than 20 yoga holiday programs for our own guests in the Algarve every year. This includes weeks as „Yoga and Walking“, „Yoga and Horseriding“ or „Qi Gong & Tai Chi“- and widens your possibilities for additional activities of your own tailormade Algarve Yoga Retreat. The yoga equipment like mats, cushions and carpets are all on stock, you and your students only have to bring their personal baggage. Furthermore you do not have to worry about issues like comfortable and cost efficient airport transfers or how to find a reliable car hire company. Profit from our knowledge and contacts which makes it easy and hassle-free for you to organize your own stay with your yoga group!

Groups up to 30 yogi(ni)s possible: profit from fair and decreasing prices!


Depending on your groupsize bring one or two yoga teachers free of charge!

Pricing retreat venue hire:

Special german tax regulations for travel agencies § 25 UStG / 
Sonderrregelung für Reisebüros nach § 25 UStG


Prices above are per participant for the following package:

  • 7 nights in the four star ‚Suites Alba Resort and Spa‘ :
    One of two private bedrooms in shared suite with living room, kitchen and bathroom (85 m2)
  • Breakfast buffet in the sea view restaurant
  • Three course dinner with choice of
    – vegetarian
    – meat or
    – fish
    – vegan food and/or special diet like gluten free food as well possible
  • Supply of yoga equipment:
    – yoga mat and carpet for underneath
    – meditation cushion
    – eye pillow for relaxation
    – cozy indoor blanket
    – outdoor blanket
    – yoga belt
  • free use of the spa area
  • shuttle transfer from Faro airport


Available Dates 2020

  • 11. – 18.01.2020 => available
  • 18. – 25.01.2020 (reserved)
  • 01. – 08.02.2020 (reserved)
  • 29.02.-07.03.2020 (reserved)
  • 07.-14.03.2020 => available
  • 14.- 21.11.2020 (reserved)


    For extra arrangements like hiking, horseriding or boat tours
    please get in contact with us for tailormade offers.

Mildest and sunniest winter climate in continental Europe


300 days of sunshine!

One truth about the weather in the Algarve is that compared to the rest of continental Europe it is always better down there in the south of Portugal, temperatures being usually higher in winter as well as in summer. The climate often misjudged as Mediterranian, it is not just mild but also wild – not at least due to the significant influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the gulf stream. And because of the sun that shines on an average 300 days per year.

It happens that the sea water in August is freezing cold, but in November you might find the seawater pleasant and go for a swim, because in the later months of the year the currents carry more warm water from Africa to the European coast. In the late year you can have more than 20° air temperature and bright sunshine all day long around Christmas time. If you catch such a winter weather period and find a nice beach in a bay protected from the wind you will surely start sunbathing. But do not generally expect beach and bathing weather in the winter months. This time of the year you will find a mild climate with lush green vegetation, flowering meadows and almond trees. The nights are fresh but in daytime 18°-20° are not unlikely. As soon as the sun comes out you feel its warmth and southern power.

With 300 days of sunshine per year there are 65 left for clouds or rain. Except for July and August where you have nearly 100% guarantee of sunshine all day long these other days spread all over the year from September until June – every year with a different focus and intensity you cannot predict.

We realize yoga coachings & retreats in Suites Alba Resort & Spa since 2008 and usually had at least a couple of hours of sunshine every single day, even if it was rather cloudy or rainy. The location is exceptionally good – if the sun comes out it does in Suites Alba ;-) This fact makes it the perfect yoga retreat venue for hire in Portugal.

Here you will find a detailed climate table of the Algarve.

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